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Our Instagram page can be found here! You can also check our Board of Officers page to find our individual email addresses.

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You can share your feedback, anonymous or otherwise, through this Google Form! Feel free to share suggestions for our activities, requests for collaboration, reports of inaccessibility on campus, or anything else.

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Where can I find the CODE office?

Find us during our Office Hours by setting up an appointment at our respective Calendly links. You can email us to indicate whether you’d like an in-person or virtual meeting. For an in-person meeting, visit the CODE office within the AS Annex. The AS Annex building is indicated by the orange dot in the map below. As of Fall 2022, the AS Annex office is OPEN — if you would like to meet one of our officers there, please contact them at least one day in advance!

We're at the orange dot!
Pictured above is a cropped image of the UCSB map, that includes (clockwise): Counseling & Career Services (Building 599); Building 434; Girvetz Hall; the Music building; Storke Tower; and the Art Museum. Between Building 599 and Girvetz Hall, there is a yellow box outlining building 434. Building 434 is the AS Annex, where you can find the CODE office. It is the brown building located directly across the walking path from Storke Tower. There is an orange dot on the picture near the inner eastern corner of the building marking the exact location of our office.