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External Affairs Coordinator

Sophia Lee-Park (she/her/hers) | email:

Sophia is a Korean American female identifying person with long brown hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a purplish grayish long-sleeve knit sweater and smiling. She is also wearing a flower headband in her hair. There is a tree and tan background behind her.

Sophia Lee-Park (she/her) is a fourth-year student at the University of California, Santa Barbara pursuing her B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Education Studies. As a lifelong disability advocate and a local to Santa Barbara, Sophia has been the Chair and a Co-Chair for CODE since the summer of 2019. She hopes to develop lasting education strategies to help UCSB achieve its universal accessibility and inclusivity goals. She believes that each individual deserves to be perceived and treated as a human being with a unique story, potential, wisdom, and dignity.

Outside of CODE, she works as the first accessibility advocate and one of the community engagement interns for the IV Community Services District (IVCSD). She is also an undergraduate representative for the UCSA Advisory Workgroup for Students with Disabilities and a representative of the AS Internal Affairs Student at Large.

Internal Affairs Coordinator

Jay Shreedhar (he/him/his) | email:

Image depicts Jay Shreedhar, a Tamil-American trans man. He has medium brown skin, short black hair in a fringe, and brown eyes. He is smiling at the camera and wearing a blue shirt with a black leather jacket. The setting sun lights up the left side of his face and the ocean is visible behind him.

Jay Shreedhar (he/him/his) is a fourth-year Statistics and Data Science major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Jay is deeply passionate about furthering equity and inclusion for all disadvantaged populations, especially those at the intersections of various marginalizations. His lived experiences and struggles with accessing accommodations at UCSB have shaped his desire to focus on facilitating rapid, material, and systemic change for disabled students and faculty, especially those who are queer, trans, and/or people of color. He is committed to breaking down the institutional and administrative barriers preventing the improvement of accessibility services and disability accommodations at UCSB.

Board Members

Gender and Sexual Equity Outreach Coordinator

Moth Strelow (they/them) | email:

A picture of Moth Strelow, a light skinned Indigenous and Jewish person. They are looking at the camera, though their head is tilted towards the left-hand side of the frame. They are giving a closed-mouth smile. They have bleached, curly hair, dark green eyes, and one of their eyebrows has a slit running through it. They are wearing round, wire frame glasses, a black t-shirt, and a beige windbreaker with a pink collar. They are also wearing dangling, light pink earrings.

Moth Strelow (they/them) is an incoming 3rd year transfer student from a small community college in Northern California. They are a Film and Media Studies major at University of California, Santa Barbara. They are greatly invested in the further development of equitable resources and community support for all marginalized identities, and believe that the support of disabled individuals is needed at the backbone of any movement. They work constantly to challenge the perception of disabled individuals at large, but particularly in the context of queer spaces, as they themselves exist as a visibly queer individual. They have dedicated themselves to educating, spreading awareness, and supporting others as they work to dismantle the ableist structure of our current society.

Their lived experience as a queer, low-income, and mixed person has greatly informed their efforts to foster outreach to those community. They want to help to change the narrative of being disabled; in the eyes of able-bodied people, yes, but also for disabled people as well. Fostering an environment of curiosity, self-love, and confidence is the key to moving the disabled community forward in their own opinion.

Racial Justice Outreach Coordinator

Cindy E. Sanchez (she/they) | email:

Alt Text: A picture of Cindy Esperanza Sanchez, a Mexican-Salvadoran-American woman. She has long black straight hair, dark brown eyes, thick eyebrows, and light brown skin. There is a gold chain with her name [Cindy] in cursive. They are wearing a fitted, knitted black long sleeve shirt. They are wearing white, noise canceling earphones. They are smiling and are against a white, blank backdrop.

Cindy Esperanza Sanchez (She/They) is a 5th year senior and transfer student majoring in Chicanx Studies and Spanish Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Cindy is passionate about critical disability social justice and focuses most of their work on deconstructing and challenging ableism in Latine and youth-oriented spaces.  They take an intersectional approach and center low income, gendered and racialized bodies when navigating ableist politics. Not only through research but through experiential knowledge, they have become passionate about creating structural change, cultivating community, and healing oneself through self-love, art, and conversations.

Cindy is committed to fight against discriminatory policy and interpersonal prejudice alongside their community no matter what.

Basic Needs Accessibility Coordinator

Aitana Garland (she/her) | email:

A close up picture of Aitana Garland, a light skinned Black and Spaniard person. She is smiling directly at the camera while seated on a bench, with some trees in the background. She is wearing a sage green blouse and a black purse strapped through her torso. The front of her hair is held back with a rectangularly folded silky scarf, with the rest of her pencil-sized curls creating a heart-shaped fluffy mane around her face that ends slightly below her shoulders. She has a stud piercing on her left nostril and crow’s feet at the end of her round, brown eyes (from smiling a lot).

Aitana Garland (she/her) is a 5th year junior majoring in Linguistics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She currently holds the inaugural Basic Needs Accessibility Liaison position, through which she hopes to use her struggles and experiences navigating secondary education as a 1st-gen, Black-Hispanic disabled individual into equitable, innovative, and long-lasting structural change.  At the core of her passion for Disability Justice is a wish for the people around her—specially marginalized disabled bodies in PWIs— to feel safe, empowered, and understood in their own skin by offering them the tools necessary in their own self-advocacy journeys.

Aitana’s understanding of Disability Justice acknowledges disabled people often prefer different labels, have varying lived experiences, and navigate multiple layers of identity and socio-cultural realities on a daily basis. As such, she hopes that her role at CODE establishes a precedent for basic needs accessibility and distribution that highlights such complexities, champions Universal Access and validates disabled folk voices, as well as their individual and collective authenticity.

Disability Community Public Relations Officer

Yasmine Hirech (she/her) | email:

A picture of Yasmine Hirech, a light-skinned woman with dark brown curly hair in a ponytail. Some of the curls frame her face. She is wearing a red shirt and pale blue jeans and holding a black jacket while smiling at the camera. Behind her is a backdrop of a beach boardwalk.

Yasmine Hirech (she/her) is a second year at the University of California, Santa Barbara taking a pre-law path with a major in History of Public Policy and Law. In her role, she hopes to provide easy access to resources and accommodations to meet her goal of helping her peers feel comfortable and safe asking for help. Through her own experiences, she also wants to celebrate intersectionality among the disabled community and listen to the vast experiences that come along with these separate and complex identities.

Programming and Marketing Director

Jiarun Lu (he/they) | email:

Alt Text: A picture of Jiarun Lu, a Chinese-American person. They have short black hair, brown eyes, and medium light skin. He is wearing a blue shirt that has four Simplified Chinese characters on it followed by the text “UC Santa Barbara Basketball” in English.

Jiarun Lu (he/they) is a fourth-year at the University of California, Santa Barbara, double majoring in Actuarial Science and Economics. In his role, he helps to promote all of the CODE outreach materials and platforms, updating and posting new events, and providing accessibility assistance to all disabled students. Using his lived experience as an active student with glaucoma, he strives to assist and empower more students like himself to access support in our college community and beyond. He is dedicated to listening to and comforting other disabled students of all abilities.

Disabled Students Program Liaison

Yao Yao Xiao (she/they) | email:

Alt text: A picture of Yao Yao Xiao, a Chinese-American person. They are smiling at the camera. Their shoulder-length hair is dark at the roots and blonde toward the ends, and they have dark brown eyes and light skin. They are wearing a black leather jacket, rectangular earrings with a wave pattern on them, and a golden necklace.

Yao Yao Xiao (she/they) is a second-year student currently majoring in biopsychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is currently the Disabled Students Program Liaison for CODE and is a continual advocate for disability equity. She aims to break down harmful stereotypes of disability through educating the community and shifting the conversation to how accessibility can be designed for everyone. She can be found at the rec center, running around the beautiful Santa Barbara beaches, connecting with the LGBTQ+ community, or photographing our peers — empowering them to embrace their vulnerabilities.

With CODE, she hopes to facilitate a more connected relationship with DSP and serve students’ needs by advocating for making resources more accessible.

Historian/Recording Officer

Meghna Chandrasekar (she/her/hers) | email:

Alt Text: A picture of Meghna Chandrasekar, an Indian-American woman. She has medium brown skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair in two braids. She is wearing a gray shirt and standing against a background of red flowers and green leaves.

Meghna Chandrasekar (she/her) is a third-year student intending to major in biochemistry at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is currently the historian of CODE and intends to organize all of the efforts of the Commission. By being a part of CODE, she hopes to learn more about disability justice and how to implement it at UCSB from her fellow passionate members, and help facilitate a space in which students feel comfortable embracing who they are. She strongly believes in self-love and that everyone should be able to love, accept and embrace every part of themselves, as well as others. Outside of CODE, she enjoys running, tutoring, and being in nature.

Senate Liaison




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