Thank you for visiting the official student-created website of the UC Santa Barbara Associated Students’ Commission on Disability Equity (CODE). Double-click our “About Us” tab above (or follow the embedded link) to navigate this website. The flyer below shares some more information about who we are.

You can also find us and other students from other colleges and universities who are devoted to uplifting and empowering themselves and those in the disability community in their educational journey and life experience, by visiting DreamCollegeDisability.org.

We’re also included on the Assistant Vice Chancellor/Dean of Student Life’s “Disability is Diversity Webpage (linked) which lists many resources which were posted, compiled, and created by UCSB’s Disabled Students Program staff and Specialists. For more information and detailed descriptions of campus resources for students, staff, and faculty, please view the linked webpage!

We hope that our website is helpful to you and your peers,

~ CODE’s Executive Board

Flyer with red, yellow, and blue accents in the background. “UCSB Associated Students” is in small yellow text, over the words “Commission on Disability Equality” in red text.
The first header in blue text reads, “Who are we?” Underneath this, the first line of text reads, 
“We are a student-run A.S. group dedicated to disability justice.”
The words “disability justice” are in bold and underlined.
In smaller text are the words: “We are committed to establishing a platform for self-advocacy and community-building efforts,” and in bold, continues, “run by and for students in the disability community.”
The next paragraph reads, “As we work to make UCSB a more accessible and inclusive campus for everyone, our Commission invites collaboration with other marginalized communities. Many of us experience ableism at the intersection of other interlocking oppressions. It is critical to recognize that in our efforts empower fellow students in the disability community.”
In yellow text, the second header reads, “Students: connect with us on Discord or Instagram!” Next to an image of the Discord logo is the link, https://tinyurl.com/CODE-Virtual-Space, and next to an image of the Instagram logo is the Instagram handle, @ucsb.code
Alt text-enabled. To learn more about disability justice, visit our What is Disability Justice? page. This flyer also includes the link to our Discord, https://tinyurl.com/CODE-Virtual-Space (link opens in new tab)

CODE now has a mailing list!

You can request to join our mailing list at this link. We invite any and all people (undergraduate students, graduate students, etc.) who are interested in supporting CODE’s efforts to continue establishing an advocacy platform for the disability community at UCSB to join. The mailing list will serve not only as a method of communication between CODE and UCSB students, but also as a forum for disabled students to share campus events, accessibility concerns, and more.

CURRENT RESOURCE: AS Food Bank Grocery/Supply Pickup

The AS Food Bank, located in the UCEN across from Ortega Dining Commons, is currently offering a grocery and supply pickup service for all students due to the COVID-19 Omicron variant outbreak. This service can be utilized once per day. You can find more information on the AS Food Bank Order Form – options are available for students in housing situations without kitchens, students with families, and many more.

Interested in getting involved?

We are looking for general members! General members will be invited to attend meetings and volunteer their labor for CODE projects. More information can be found on our Get Involved! page.

Connect with us!

For a virtual space to meet other students in UCSB’s disability community, join our Discord server or our mailing list!

Follow us on Instagram and be sure to check the DSP Events page for updates on on-campus events and opportunities related to disability justice!

Join and view our group’s page on UCSB’s Shoreline. Make sure to search for Associated Students’ CODE and read more about us and any messages for current updates!

CODE’s General Member Groupme: You’re invited to my new group Commission on Disability Equity General Member GroupMe

Have an issue you would like the Commission to address? Looking to collaborate with our Commission? Contact Us!