Our Vision

CODE’s mission is to engage in cross-movement solidarity, in our efforts to empower students in the disability community and establish a platform for self-advocacy and community-building efforts.

“Anyone of us can become disabled and may have a loved one or a friend with a disability at some point in our lives. Each one of us deserves to be perceived and treated as human beings with a unique story, infinite potential, wisdom, and dignity. For these reasons, I believe disability equity and justice is at the core of our society. In order to move forward, we must care and have a universal access mindset.”

Sophia Lee-Park, CODE Co-Chair 2019-2023

Our 3-Pillar Plan

In our vision for the future, we hope to take an intersectional, holistic approach to universal access and disability justice. During their Spring 2021 quarter, Co-Chairs Marvia Cunanan and Sophia Lee-Park worked with CODE to revolutionize the Commission’s leadership design, with the hope that during and beyond their time at UCSB, we can work towards realizing Sophia’s 3-Pillar Plan for a campus where the disability community can thrive.

Specifically, Sophia’s plans for the future of CODE involves the following 3 pillars:

  1. Creating space for emotional and hands-on communal support to connect and empower UCSB’s disability community
  2. Communicating educational support and opportunities to disabled students, in order to support their academic success
  3. Establishing a peer mentorship program so that students with disabilities can help each other navigate university life

To learn more about how CODE hopes to support the diversity of the disability community and help disabled students succeed at UCSB, visit our 3-Pillar Plan webpage.