Community Health and Wellness

Santa Barbara and Isla Vista Community Resources

Co-Chair Sophia Lee-Park (2020-Present) curated several resources relating to Assistive Mobility Devices, Service Animals, Family Support Services, Community Care, Employment Services, and Accessible Recreation and Adaptive Fitness for the Isla Vista Community Services District “Resources for You” webpage. You can find these resources as well as a Google Doc list of consolidating these community resources by visiting IVCSD’s Independent Living Services webpage!

Student Safety, Mental Health Wellbeing, and Basic Needs Access Resources

UCSB’s Official Basic Needs Resources Website

Need an overview of the various basic need support services available at UCSB? Click here to view the immediate crisis, food, housing, and financial resources.

UCSB Student Health

We provide exceptional, inclusive, compassionate, comprehensive, and integrated healthcare services to promote health and well-being in order to empower students to thrive throughout their university experience. To make a COVID-19 Test appointment, please log in to your student health services portal account, here. Results should be available 2-3 days afterward.

UCSB’s Health and Wellness Website

Students are thriving because they learn, live, and achieve in an environment where they feel a sense of belonging, connectedness, and personal impact. Students’ health and well-being are embedded in the campus culture and valued as integral to everyone’s success at UC Santa Barbara and post-graduation. Students are engaged in habits that strengthen their well-being and are compassionate people who advocate for the health of all individuals Health & Wellness is committed to supporting a diverse campus environment. All of our events are open to the whole UCSB student body and we encourage everyone to participate in our services.

Campus Advocacy Resources Education (CARE)

CARE’s mission is to provide professionally designed services for the prevention and intervention of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and harassment. All services are free and confidential and are available to students, staff, and faculty of all identities. Through policy development and community collaborations, we are committed to survivor empowerment and a public health approach to prevention.

UCSB’s Health and Equity Alliance has compiled the following list of low-cost and free mental health and basic needs resources in Santa Barbara County (with virtual options), which you can find in the following spreadsheet:

Additional UCSB resources for meeting your basic needs include the Financial Crisis Response Team, Basic Needs Peer Advisors, and CalFresh. For more information on these programs, click the following link, which will direct you to a one-page PDF resource guide:

Acacia Counseling and Wellness is a leading provider of outpatient, university mental health support. We provide individual, couples, and group therapy, as well as psychiatry and medication management. We specialize in providing high-quality mental health services to university students, faculty, and staff, as well as the greater community. Our office is conveniently located near UCSB, and our therapists are trained across a variety of issues and modalities. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive environment and a positive therapeutic experience.

Address: 948 Embarcadero del Norte Suite 102 Isla Vista, CA 93117 Phone: 805-699-6668

Mental Wellness Center Santa Barbara

The Mental Wellness Center works with thousands of people every year to improve and maintain mental wellness. Our community-based nonprofit organization specializes in helping individuals in three ways:

  • We help adults living with mental health challenges meet critical and basic needs as a foundation for their wellness
  • We offer courses and activities for teens and adults to learn and practice self-management skills for better self-regulation, and
  • We educate youth, families, and community groups about mental health so that we can take better care of ourselves individually and as a community.

We are working toward a future when the importance of prevention and effective, early intervention to treat mental illness is recognized. We believe in recovery at any stage. We’re here to help with the concerns and challenges of better mental health across the spectrum. Much of our work is in the city of Santa Barbara – where our community members live and thrive together in wellness. Our programs and services are available in English and Spanish. We collaborate with other private and governmental entities to extend our services and make our community stronger.


617 Garden Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: 805-884-8440
Fax: 805-884-8445

Santa Barbara Hospice Inc.

Since 1974 Hospice of Santa Barbara, Inc. has been providing compassionate care and support to those impacted with serious illnesses and the bereaved in our community. We are the second oldest hospice program in the United States, and we continue to build today on our distinguished history

Mental Health Programs at Sanctuary Treatment Center of Santa Barbara

Sanctuary Treatment Center specializes in assessing, diagnosing, and treating complex mental health, psychiatric, and emotional issues through a trauma-informed, self-empowering lens. Our compassionate, caring, highly skilled clinicians have developed a comprehensive, integrated treatment program utilizing evidence-based modalities, which include a combination of psychotherapy, holistic therapies, and pharmacology, when appropriate. Our goal is to provide our clients with an environment that fosters healing, wellness, and the ability to thrive. We offer private, individualized care at a beautiful, secluded facility in Los Angeles, California. Our team includes a skilled, experienced, and professional staff of mental health experts ready to help you heal.

Campus Resources for Survivors of sexual violence, abuse, and harassment

UCSB’s Students Against Sexual Assault group lists and describes UCSB resources and reporting offices for survivors on their webpage, linked here: Confidential resources include the RCSGD, CAPS, CARE, ASAP, STESA, Office of the Ombuds, and the Isla Vista Survivor Resource Center. Their webpage includes descriptions of each resource, and a more detailed breakdown of each of the services offered can be found when clicking the resource name on their website.

Additional Support Services for those with Invisible Disabilities/Illnesses On Campus:

Volunteer Opportunities, Ally Education, and Community Support in Santa Barbara County

Employment/Vocational, Independence, and Transportation Services

Volunteer and Participant Opportunities for Individuals with Physical and Invisible Disabilities: