Charge of the Commission

“The Commission on Disability Equity (CODE) is dedicated to transforming the status of students with temporary or permanent disabilities on campus and in the community, by recognizing that ableism is not a single-issue concern and intersects with other forms of oppression. CODE shall outreach, network, and explore ways to increase retention and graduation rates, and support the development of a Coalition for Disability Justice by facilitating a social and educational forum that engages with the disability community. CODE is committed to advocating in collaboration with the disabled student community and educating the campus community on the importance of institutional support for the diverse access needs of all people, by raising disability issues, interests, and awareness on a local, state, and national level. We strive to cultivate an institutional culture of support and awareness that is made by and for all members of the disability community.”

Find our Legal Code using the following link:

Slides presentation screenshot, with a purple and white header that reads, "Using the framework of disability justice, CODE envisions a campus entity with the capacity to address both..."
Below this are two columns, the left column labeled "Accessibility Issues...", and the right column labeled "and community needs."

Under the left column "Accessibility Issues..." is the following bulleted list: accessible and affordable housing; physically accessible buildings (sub-bullet points: working elevators buttons for doors; legible maps; transportation); proactive faculty awareness of diverse access needs (sub-bullet points: mental health sensitivity training; awareness and accountability for providing accommodations). The last bullet point, in bold, reads "all of which require a platform for disability self-advocacy supported by multiple other communities."

Under the right column "an Community Needs." is the following bulleted list: a space to find emotional support, build care networks, and access a community newsletter and bulletin; a campus entity with the capacity for cross-movement solidarity; a scholarly community (sub-bullet points: "honors society"; disability studies program); a disabled students' cultural space (sub-bullet points: for movement-building; for a place to celebrate disabled history and culture).
A two-column outline describes how “Using the framework of disability justice, CODE envisions [ourselves as] a campus entity with the capacity to address both accessibility issues and community needs.”
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To learn more about our Commission’s recent redesign, check out this Slides presentation, where we began our work to redesign CODE’s leadership structure: https://t